With RHJ Associates, P.C. your project is in the hands of experienced professionals with over 30 years of client driven solutions. Our proven track record of success is validated in the testimonials below.


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I just wanted to send a note to thank RHJ for all of your work and help on our move project. Not only did RHJ design a great place for us, RHJ helped me stay sane during the construction process! The design of everything really does look fantastic. We’ve not only received compliments from our employees but also from vendors we’ve had visit us. So, thanks to RHJ for your professionalism, humor, design skills and teamwork throughout the project. I really couldn’t have done it without RHJ!

Jacylyn Bodmer, Vice President and CIO

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I couldn’t have managed this move without the help of RHJ Associates. RHJ made sure we were organized, connected with the right people and provided solid lines of communication. Anytime our group had a question, it was promptly answered. We moved 40 employees and close to 500 items, not including boxes. Every single item was accounted for. We knew how it fit into the new space and where to run the new power and data to accommodate. RHJ was able to save us thousands of dollars on the cost of the move alone. I would recommend this group to anyone relocating. It is rare to have the opportunity to work with such a bright, hardworking and honest group of people.

Jordon Marsh, Marketing/Sales Manager

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Simply put, RHJ “gets it.” That’s the key; RHJ understands our business and how to get the absolute best results for us while being responsible to our investors. How would I describe RHJ Associates? Responsive to our needs, knowledgeable of our business and the challenges we face; RHJ has the unique ability to put the right people on our projects. Bottom line, we know what we are getting, that we are getting what we paid for and there are no surprises.

M. Taylor Young, SIOR - Principal

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From the beginning of the process, RHJ made the effort to understand our business of Executive Center operation and management. They translated that understanding into great design that meets and exceeds the needs of our clients. They took a real world approach to what makes sense for our budget and our business which relieved my team of much of the stress and worry about the design and construction process. Quality, service, responsiveness, communication and integrity are all words that come to mind when I describe RHJ Associates to friends and colleagues. It has been, and continues to be a pleasure to work with RHJ as the Atrium Executive Center continues to grow.

Laura Hart, Executive Director


RHJ “gets it”.  They are responsive, strong (to handle local GC’s).  We went through 6 different architects before finding RHJ.  No one else seemed to understand that our projects are not cookie cutter projects.  Planet Fitness PA currently has 11 locations in their territory with aggressive plans for 35-40 locations.  Planet Fitness PA got an education through time, i.e. it doesn’t matter who the GC is, as long as the architect is strong enough to control the process.  RHJ fulfills that requirement and provides phenomenal support and attention to the client.  RHJ  has vision and an intuitive sense of what needs to be done.

Dan Horan, Planet Fitness PA Franchise Owner 


RHJ is especially good and responsive, always within hours of inquiry.  RHJ asks good questions and from that puts out good plans with no waste.  RHJ understands the owner’s point of view and mentality; understands the buildings components, which many architects do not.  RHJ is especially good in front of clients; brings a level of credibility that owner/landlord may not have with client.  In short, RHJ “gets it”.

Daniel J. Maguire, Principal